What is environmental noise anyway?

This is where you will find all the information you need to understand the readings presented by our monitoring network. Explore the sections below to read about the basic concepts involved in measuring and analysing sound levels and how city councils are starting to manage environmental noise.

Information on sound level measurements

These information pages provide some background material to put all the sound level readings into context. Really useful sound level measurements are accompanied by extra information about the sound source and the general conditions that you might expect your sound level monitor to be exposed to. That means supplementing measurements with information that might explain the readings (e.g. very high wind speed makes a measurement less reliable). It is also useful to know a little about the various quantities and terms that are used when measuring sound levels to help interpret results. This helps when comparing values from one measurement site to the next. The following pages will help to explain what we measure and why.

Sound and noise

Noise and the law in Ireland

Environmental noise management in Dublin

The Noise Action Plan